The Danway Access Systems and Cranes division started in 1994 and 1987 respectively, and has grown over the years to cover greater heights and indoor areas, enough to qualify it for the market leader title without doubt.

Support Technologies Division provides, in line with the overall Danway policy, complete solutions for access systems and cranes, starting with design, and covering supply, installation, testing and commissioning as well as their maintenance. In line with the total solution provider policy, the Danway Access Systems and Cranes division has a well-established and comprehensive section offering aerial platforms on rental basis.

Pioneering specialists in permanent suspended access equipment, Danway Access Systems and Cranes Division has been in the forefront of the design, sales, installation and servicing of a comprehensive range of facade maintenance systems in the Middle East, with installations covering the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Danway Access Systems and Cranes Division offers a complete range of equipment designed to provide a cost effective solution to the problems of external and internal building maintenance.

An established market leader, Danway has a team of qualified professionals capable of delivering systems that meet every general and specific end user requirement safely and efficiently.

  • Roof Trolley Machines
  • Monorail
  • Davits Systems
  • Cradles

The Danway roof trolley solution is capable of servicing a wide variety of buildings irrespective of design or height, thus allowing easy and complete facade access for high as well as low-rise buildings. The trolleys come with standard integrated safety devices and have a range of options to suit their intended applications. The unique system design eliminates the need for assembly and disassembly at the roof level. Furthermore, the trolleys and platforms have high load capacities that makes them as versatile as they are unique.

Danway Access Systems caters to monorail systems that are used to access difficult-to-reach or otherwise inaccessible exterior or interior glass areas. Monorail systems can be roof-mounted or wall-mounted to suit their intended applications. Monorail systems are ideal for the underside of building overhangs, sloped glazing, skylights, all types of atrium glass, domes, and similar applications wherever continuous horizontal movement is required.

The Danway powered platforms and portable davits are the most popular solution for exterior building access. They are designed for low to mid-rise buildings and consist of two piece assemblies for easy handling and transportation. The davit masts come complete with wheels for movement between the fixed davit bases and may be lowered out of sight when not in use.

Options for portable davit bases as well as flush-mounted bases are provided by Danway Access Systems and Cranes Division in order to meet the end user needs no matter what they are.

The cradles as well as the systems as a whole, are safe and reliable at any height. They are also cost effective, flexible yet stable at any position or height, and display the highest standards in quality, delivery and service, thus making the Danway Access Systems and Cranes solution a total access Solution. The cradles are built with winches from Tirak, Secalt.


Our extensive list of building maintenance systems is available to download.

Equipment’s offered are Pergolas, Staircase & Walkway Platforms & Structural Steel Platforms.

  • Pergolas
  • Staircase & Walkway Platforms
  • Structural Steel Supports

A pergola is forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually cross-beams and a study open lattice. The lattice will be made up of aluminum or steel.

A staircase is a construction designed to bride a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Stairs may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angle. Staircase can be fabricated with aluminum and steel with handrail supports and walkway platforms.

Structural steel supports like trusses and other steel frame supports for the buildings.

Danway Access Systems and Cranes Division provides the market with EOT cranes. Monorails hoists are available with wire rope hoists as well as electric chain hoists. Top running single girder EOT Cranes, top running double girder EOT Cranes and under-slung single girder EOT cranes provide the end user with a variety of choices that suit all business requirements. With capacities ranging from 500 kg up to 80000 kg, the Danway solution is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use; covering all business needs everywhere.


Our extensive list of EOT cranes & hoists is available to download.

  • Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Installation of Car Park and Tensile Shade structures.
  • The steel structures shall be covered with either HOPE or PVC fabrics.
  • The fabrics are resistant to UV and tested to withstand the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East Region.


Our extensive list of car park shades is available to download.