ADCO Rumaitha / Shanayel Facilities Phase III

General information

Client: GS Engineering and Construction / ADCO


All Construction Activities with respect to Instrumentation Works including: Cable Tray Installation, Instrument Cable Laying, Field / In-Line Instruments Installation, Control System Installation, Fire Alarm System Installation, Installation of Nalyzers & Package Instruments, Fabrication & Installation of Support Materials, All Test and Inspection Works including Bench/Shop Calibration, Field Calibration, Visual Inspection, Cable Megger Test, Grounding Resistance Test and Loop Checking. Function Test, Sequence & Logic Test for DCS & ESD Systems shall be carried out with DCS/EDS Vendor Assistance, Pre-Commissioning Works shall be carried out Under GS E&C’s Supervision, Danway EME shall Provide Man-Power Assistance with Tools for the Commissioning Activities.