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EATON-CEAG, DC based Central Battery Systems are used for supply, automatic testing & monitoring of escape route, EXIT & safety luminaries. Panels are distributed on the building based on the security zone / floors to keep the distribution simple and to provide maximum safety and reliability.

All panels are with electronic modules of easy to service modular design. Each panel will have maintenance free sealed 18 Nos. 12V lead acid gas recombination battery connected in series, controller, charger and microprocessor controlled SKU changeover modules. As well as providing a dependable supply of power (230V ac/220V DC) to safety and exit luminaries, the ZB-S automatically tests the system and individually monitors each CG-S luminaries (up to 20 per circuit), and it does all this using the power supply cable only. The no. of changeovers modules and configuration are as per the loading requirements and the no. of circuits in the area. All the modules are plug-in-type and are over load and short circuit protected with independent fuses for mains and battery supply, and will have LED type status indicator.

Each panel will have a freely programmable Control module with nonvolatile program memory and large LCD display that monitors and controls the Central battery system. It automatically tests all the functions of the devices and emergency luminaries that are connected to it and reports any faults that occur.

All Emergency light fixtures are fitted with addressable HF electronic ballast which has address from 1 to 20. The maximum no. of light fixtures connected on a circuit is 20. The address and typed locations of the light fixtures are listed in the Control module of each panel as well as the Central monitoring unit. Power failure on normal lighting DB monitored using sub circuit monitoring modules mounted in the panel. The switching modes of each of the safety and exit luminaries with system independent electronic ballast or monitoring modules can be programmed as required in the control module of the Central battery system. No additional cable to the luminaries is required.

Salient features:

  • Shortened inspection effort due to CEWA GUARD technology: automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit.
  • Reduced installation expenditures by STAR technology: freely programmable mixed operation of the switching modes per luminaire in one circuit.
  • Less installation costs as no data line is required to the luminaire.
  • Plain text display on the control module down to the last luminaire.
  • Flexible data storage for test long and system configuration with memory card.
  • Modular charging technology in the range of 5.5 to 1,000 Ah.
  • Energy saving and increased service life via alternating switching of the charging modules and optimized efficiency.
  • CG-STAR technology allows different switching modes to be implemented in one and the same circuit, and the switching mode of each individual luminaire can be re-programmed at any time.
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