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Hussain Al Nowais


I remember starting AlNowais Investments in the late 1970s with a handful of dedicated professionals as if it were yesterday. Notwithstanding the many challenges we have faced throughout the years, I am proud that we grew into a robust organization with a turnover exceeding US$1 billion. Over the years, we succeeded in converting many of the challenges we faced into opportunities. We now have more than 4,000 employees, leading market positions in several key industries, and enjoy an outstanding reputation for integrity and strong values.

As I reflect on my experience of over 30 years in business and public service I can sum it up as follows: success comes from passion as passion brings out the best in us. Equally important is sustainability; we build and acquire businesses with a long term view for sustainability. Finally, the volatile global markets we live in have taught us to be mindful of risk management; yet recognize the opportunities volatility brings.

Going back to the point about passion, I can attribute a lot of our success to our people being passionate about everything we do. I view our people as our single most important asset. We have a very diverse workforce. I am very proud that our staff retention rate is among the highest in the UAE. I am also very proud of our corporate culture – an open one that encourages upward and downward direct communication. The cornerstone of our governance model is an unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

We celebrate more than three decades of success. We honor our team. And we rejoice in our vigorous involvement in the community.

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