Danway Project - Al Maryah Island Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure Package Phase 1, UAE.

Al Maryah Island Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure Package Phase 1, UAE

General information

Client: Mubadala / ACC

Task: Al Maryah Island Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure Package Phase 1 (A, B, C)


1) Distribution Substations (22/0.4kV): There are three distribution substations in this project which supplies power to Street Lighting (Service & Podium Level), Under Deck Lighting, Navigational Lighting, Traffic Signals and Utility Tunnels.
2) Electric Network: Phase-1 of the Island is fed from Primary Substation located within the Island. Nearly 40Kms of 22kV cable is laid for this purpose. Along with 22kV Power cable, nearly 17Kms of Fiber Optic cable is laid as part of DMS system and as per ADDC requirement. Apart from this there is 11kV network comprising of 20kms of 11kV Cabling and several 11kV Switching stations.
3) Street Lighting, Under Deck Lighting, Planter Lights & Navigational Lights: LED lights of different optic type are used for podium level street lighting. Similarly for service roads below bridges, LED lights are used which are installed under deck of bridges. Special type of LED luminaries for navigation guide is installed on the side of bridges connecting Al Maryah Island with main land and Reem Island. Planter lights LED used in the podium level on planter boxes.
4) Utility Tunnels: The purpose of these Tunnels is to distribute the utilities to various plots. This is monitored by central CCTV system, and fire alarm detection system.
5) Sewage Pumping Station: The purpose of this station is to manage the sewage generated from the proposed development on the island through gravity sewer system leading to centralized sewage pumping station with capacity of 5230 m3/day and discharge it into Abu Dhabi sewage network after auto pre treatment process through sewage macerators and chemical odor control filter.
6) Fire Fighting & Irrigation Pumping Station: This Station is the first station on Abu Dhabi emirate has an accompanied system for controlling and feeding the Fire hydrant system and Irrigation network with capacity of 2000GPM.
7) Storm Water Pump Station: The purpose of this station is to facilitate the discharge of the storm water collected through gravity network from surface and podium roads network to the sea after treatment process through grit removal and hydrocarbon separation systems.
8) SCADA and Control System The purpose of this system is to provide fully automated control system based on PLC and RTU complete with marshalling cubicles field instruments, cabling, FOC, and optical adapters for operate and monitoring the related process of each pump stations and utility Tunnels .This control system is interfacing with the main island SCADA in the central control SCADA and PRFD main control center provide the facility of full remote operation and monitoring these pumping stations.